Dutch OpenFOAM® Users Group

On January 10, 2012 some 40 OpenFOAM users gathered in Delft for the semi-annual meeting of the Dutch OpenFOAM Users Group. Here is a brief report of the meeting.

On January 26, 2012 an introductory course in the use of OpenFOAM for computational fluid dynamics analysis will be given at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science of Delft University of Technology, in Delft. The course is organized in the framework of the Dutch OpenFOAM user group (DOUG), by members of the Numerical Analysis group of the Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics (DIAM) and the Aerodynamics group of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of Delft University of Technology. This is the second time this course is taught and the organizers have used all the feedback from the first edition to further improve the course material.

The next user meeting of the Dutch OpenFOAM user group will take place at Delft University of Technology on Januari 10, 2012. Keynote speaker for this event is Mattijs Janssens from OpenCFD, one of the two main companies that are developing OpenFOAM. The meeting will take place right after the validation workshop.

One of the main issues confronting OpenFOAM users is the lack of available validation results. Therefore, two Special Interest Groups (Maritime applications/FSI and Multiphase) of the Dutch OpenFOAM users group have decided to start a validation initiative.

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