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Actiflow is an engineering company that is specialized in fluid dynamics. Based on CFD computer simulations, Actiflow provides insights to their customers and advise them about improvements to their system, product or building.

Projects in the construction sector are an important part of the work at Actiflow. There has been a strong growth in this field, where Actiflow gives consultancy about wind comfort and wind load, indoor climate, heat patterns in data centers and the spreading of smoke and heat during fires.

Actiflow is looking for a CFD engineer with experience in the construction sector. As part of the team, you will perform aerodynamic studies using CFD to give advise to the customer. Adding your knowledge about construction, you can give the customer an integral answer to his challenge. You can use OpenFOAM as CFD solver. Actiflow has access to a major compute cluster with more than 100 cores to speed up the aerodynamic design process.

For more information and directions on how to apply, check out the vacancy (in Dutch).

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