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Following on from the highly successful 11th OpenFOAM Workshop held this year in Guimarães, Portugal, the Local Organising Committee of OFW12 is very pleased and proud to announce that the 12th OpenFOAM Workshop will take place 24th -27th July 2017 at the University of Exeter, UK.

The OpenFOAM Workshop is a very popular annual event organised by community members, attracting academic, industrial and all other users of the OpenFOAM code (all versions) from around the world. It is open to everyone regardless of origin and/or area of activity. The Workshop provides a forum for users to present cutting edge research in OpenFOAM, both development and application, and is a chance for users to meet and discuss all aspects of the code and future developments.

The event also includes training courses in different levels of OpenFOAM, serving beginners as well as experienced users and developers. Check out this page on CFD online for more details.

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